Pop up christmas trees with lights

Pop up Christmas trees with lights 2021

Mes Xmas Jumpers and Cardigans

Pop-up Xmas trees were first created back in the 19th century in Germany but have changed over the
centuries. Today instead of being made out of wood, feathers or metal, the use of PVC has helped to
keep them become lighter while increasing their life span.

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How long does it take to set up a pop-up Xmas tree?

The time to set up an artificial tree is dependent on the size of the tree, but generally less than 30 minutes. Most of them have 2 parts of the tree, the base and the top. If a person is fast positioning the branches, the tree can be ready for ornaments in 5 to 10 minutes.

How sturdy is the pop-up Xmas tree?

How well a tree will stay upright has 3 main factors. The size of the base, the height of the tree and the balance of the tree. A 6’ tree that has a heavy bottom section placed in a 4’ diameter base should be able to easily stand undisturbed the entire holiday season.

It is also advisable to place the tree in a corner so that it will not be an obstacle to go around by members of your family - including the pets.

When's the best time to buy an artificial Christmas tree?

How do you make your artificial Christmas tree look fuller?

If you are thinking of buying your first Christmas tree or upgrading to the latest prelit pop-up mass tree you might wait until November of even December. However, this is naturally the time of highest demand for these items, and you will be hard-pressed to find a cheap prelit pop-tree during these months. If you can, wait until January - this the time when suppliers wish to get rid of their leftover stock.

How big of a tree can I have?

Because your new tree is artificial, you get to choose the height, fullness and colour. It is advised to always keep the top of the tree at least 6” from the ceiling. Factors to decide the height should include the height of any ornament to be placed on top.

With the average ceiling in the UK at 8.5’ or 2.6 metres, the tree should be a maximum of 7’ or just about 2 metres high. This will permit a top ornament of 1’ or 30 cm. A popular choice is the 6ft pop up Christmas tree, aim for the 6 ft to 7 ft range.

What is the average price of a prelit tree in 2021

With the cost of a pop-up Xmas tree ranging from £25 to £300, there is a tree for all budgets. With a setup time of less than 15 minutes, a tree can be ready to be decorated in a short period of time - leaving you more time to enjoy with the family.

Product Details

  • Material: Made from, thicker than average, good quality, felt fabric
  • Includes 29 ornaments, each with a hook & Loop fastener on the back
  • Size: 40.9" tall and 28" wide

Product Details

  • double-layered faux fur tree skirt with cotton padding inside to add thickness and durability. With discreet hidden velcro closures, you can set up the tree skirt effortlessly in a blink of an eye. Perfect for indoor Christmas decorations.
  • The stars on the Christmas tree skirt shine brightly under lights. You can fill the Christmas tree mat up with small gifts, candy and more to give your Christmas tree that perfect finishing touch.
  • Size - Measures 35 inches in diameter, suitable for 5 ft to 7 ft Christmas trees.

Product Details

  • Material:3d Funny christmas jumpers was made of polyester and spandex flexible fabric,It is very breathable and comfortable to wear
  • No fade:Adopts 3D digital printing technology to make sure the pullover jumpers without ever fading、peeling
  • Size:Please refer to the size chart before you order,And If you have a beer belly,It is recommended to choose 1-2 size up

Product Details

  • POP-UP CHRISTMAS TREE – This fantastic 6ft pre-decorated pop-up Christmas tree delivers an instant centrepiece for the family home and brings Christmas to life straight out of the box!
  • LED LIGHTS & BAUBLES – This Christmas tree boasts a stunning silver colouring, and is pre-decorated with 150 warm white LED light bulbs as well as 60 silver Christmas baubles to match the style of the tree.
  • 6FT ARTIFICIAL TREE – This pre-lit Christmas tree stands an impressive 6ft high, and is totally artificial, removing the need to hoover around the base of the tree on a regular basis.

Product Details

  • Super Quick Setup :This Green Tinsel Christmas tree no tools required ,just 5 minute needs ,pull it up out of box hang on the supporting stands.
  • Easy to Store: the tinsel part of this Green Christmas Tree is collapsible ,easy for you assembly and tore in a closet or under the bed, it requires almost NO storage space, or floor space .
  • pace Save:The collapsible Christmas tree with 5ft/1.5m ,13 inches in diameter(tree bottom). ,tall but narrow ,flexible than classic Christmas tree Suitable for small/crowded spaces such as office, school, kid¡¯s bed room, entrance ,Small corner enough but brighten all your space.

Product Details

  • Our pre-lit pop-up decorated Christmas tree is a definite must have
  • It is illuminated with 100 warm white static LED lights
  • It features 500 PVC tips which really bring the tree to life

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