Home Alone Christmas Jumpers 2021

Are you away from your home town this Christmas 2021, or planning to celebrate Christmas in your home this year? Then undoubtedly, ‘Home Alone’ Christmas jumpers, some with lighting effects, are one of the best choices. These exclusive Christmas sweaters, including a selection with striking LED flashing and glittering lights, are perfectly designed for indoor celebrations.

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We also offer a wide range of novelty Christmas jumpers including a growing range of rude and offensive Christmas jumpers that should bring a smile to someones face this xmas. 

Product Details

  • UK Sizing
  • A Home Alone Favourite Quote on the front
  • Machine Washable

Product Details

  • A2Z 4 Kids Kids Girls Boys Designer's "MERRY CHRISTMAS YA FILTHY Animals" Printed Christmas Pyjamas Set.
  • A Beautiful Color Contrast Pyjama Set, Long Sleeved Top And Full Length Bottom Has Elasticated Waist.

Product Details

  • COMFORT IS KING. Knitted with the softest premium yarn that sits gently on the skin
  • Acrylic
  • Cable knitted with high quality 100% acrylic, flaunt your festive funk in a superior sweater that wears well, isn't scratchy, retains its shape and won't shrink.

Product Details

  • Christmas sweater that's designed to embrace all the fun, joy and laughter that the festive season brings. (A cute gift card is included.)
  • QUALITY COMES STANDARD. Cable knitted with high quality 100% acrylic, impress the rest in a superior sweater that wears well, retains its shape and won't shrink.
  • Machine Wash

Where does "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal" come from?

In the original Home Alone film, Kevin, watched an old gangster movie called 'Angels' and used excerpts from it to scare both the pizza delivery guy - and the Wet Bandits.
In Home Alone2: Lost in New York, Kevin watches the sequel to the movie, titled 'Angels with Filthier Souls'. This time he uses the film to spook the the hotel management when they come to try and catch him. This is the clip in which the line appears, click here. At the end of the clip the gangster says "Merry Christmas ya filthy animal…" then adds "and a Happy New Year...”

Home alone Christmas JUmpers Clothing Material

Imported from the USA, these high-quality Xmas jumpers are made using two of the best clothing fibre materials: cotton and acrylic. Some jumpers are made with proportions of these two fabric elements, while some consist of 100% acrylic material.  Clothes made of acrylic have excellent moisture-wicking and high retention abilities, while cotton is a natural product that provides comfort, moisture, in a durable fiber.

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