Novelty Christmas Jumpers  - For Men, Women, Teens, Kids & Pets - Sale 2023 - Best Selection!

Merry Christmas Everyone! 

welcome it in your own funky style

with a Novelty Christmas Jumper!

Did you get what you wished for last Christmas? Maybe you left it too late... If you were in the market for a funny, rude or just plain outrageous Christmas jumper then sorry if you were too late to get it last Christmas - and we had a super choice. Never mind, we are happy to see you back this year! We have even extended our novelty Christmas jumpers range to include a cheesy, but funny, range of pussy cat, doggy and puppy novelty Christmas jumpers.

Merry Christmas 2023 & Happy New Year 2024!

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Ugly & Novelty Christmas Jumpers - a Short History

Novelty Xmas jumpers first became moderately popular in the USA in the 1950's when they were known as 'Jingle Bell sweaters'. This modest popularity continued through to the 1970's.

Their popularity boomed in the 1980's on both sides of the Atlantic. In the USA TV shows such as 'The Cosby Show' featured fancy, ornate and matching family novelty Christmas jumpers while movies like the classic 'National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation' had the Griswold family wearing examples of Ugly & Funny Christmas jumpers too. In the UK, Timmy Mallett and Gyles Brandreth, popularised Novelty Christmas Jumpers - frequently wearing them when presenting TV programmes during the festive season.

Their following waned somewhat during the 1990's and 'noughties' before a resurgence in more recent times, with many competitions for the best (or perhaps more accurately worst!) Novelty Christmas jumpers held around the world.

Fashion is, by it's very nature, forever changing but, for now, ugly Christmas jumpers with their various themes seem to be seen as a kind of 'anti-fashion' icon, with ever growing popularity. Christmas revelers can now buy Star Wars Christmas jumpers, Marvel Christmas jumpers and Home Alone Christmas jumpers for those wanting a movie or character theme. Matching, couples and kids Christmas jumpers for your family xmas celebration, rude or offensive Christmas jumpers for a more adult party and, of course a big range of mens, womens and unisex Christmas jumpers too. 

All are guaranteed to be funny, naughty, rude and/or ugly in varying degrees.

Hope you had a FAB Christmas 2023 - and a have a Prosperous 2024!

Enjoy it, wear a novelty Christmas Jumper and be sure to have lots of fun!

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